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[ANN] sleepy_penguin 2.0.0 - Linux I/O events for Ruby

[ANN] sleepy_penguin 2.0.0 - Linux I/O events for Ruby

Eric Wong
2011-03-10 @ 05:02
sleepy_penguin provides access to newer, Linux-only system calls to wait
on events from traditionally non-I/O sources.  Bindings to the eventfd,
timerfd, inotify, signalfd and epoll interfaces are provided.

* git://

== Disclaimer

  I've mainly written this to force myself to learn some of the newer
  APIs in Linux 2.6 but maybe someone will find them useful one day.

  If you're writing portable software or want something other people use
  in production, consider[1] or EventMachine[2] instead.

== Features

* Thread-safe blocking operations under both Ruby 1.8 and 1.9.

* IO-like objects are backwards-compatible with

* Epoll interface is fork-safe and GC-safe

* Unlike portable event frameworks, the Linux-only Epoll interface
  allows using edge-triggered I/O for possibly improved performance

* Fully-documented and user-friendly API

Changes since 1.4.0:

  There are many internal cleanups, bugfixes, and incompatible
  API changes.  The API will probably be stable from now on.

  All the flag passing is less verbose, in the past you had
  to do:

      tfd =|TimerFD::NONBLOCK)

  Now, you can just do (the old way still works):

      tfd =[:CLOEXEC, :NONBLOCK])

  A SignalFD interface now exists, but is not recommended since
  MRI signal handling seems to conflict with it.

  Inotify#close no longer holds the GVL while closing the
  descriptor since it is an expensive operation.

  See git log v1.4.0..v2.0.0 for all the gory details.

[1] -
[2] -

Eric Wong