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New mailing list

New mailing list

Tilmann Singer
2014-05-05 @ 17:56
Hello emacs-berlin people!

tl;dr: We have a new mailing list, please re-subscribe at

librelist started out promising, but unfortunately it turned out to have
a couple of bugs that make it rather unsatisfying:

- looong delay until mails show up in archive
- weird bugs when sending to more than one recipient

And inquiries to their support and the librelist meta list were

So we decided to move to a new list, a good old mailman installation
hosted by a friend of mine.  I think mailman is an adequate piece of
software for our group ;-)

The address to post is, and the
subscription interface is here:

Please re-subscribe to the new list.

Links should be updated on the website soon, I added a PR.