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Fwd: [XP-RS] PM Dojo @ ThoughtWorks

Fwd: [XP-RS] PM Dojo @ ThoughtWorks

Leandro Krug Wives
2011-04-15 @ 13:06

acredito ser de interesse.

prof. Leandro Krug Wives
Instituto de Informática da UFRGS

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From: Gabriel Notari <>
Date: 2011/4/15
Subject: [XP-RS] PM Dojo @ ThoughtWorks

Hello all,

We're at ThoughtWorks are organizing a PM Dojo on 4/27. Inspired by
developers, the idea is to create a space where we can practice and discuss
about project management practices in a harmless, friendly environment.
There are no pre-reqs to join the Dojo, but since we will have several
guests from other countries, the event will be run in English only. If you
want to get more details, please access

Gabriel Notari

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