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[ANN] dispass.el 1.1.2

[ANN] dispass.el 1.1.2

Tom Willemse
2013-05-04 @ 20:24
Dear (every)one,

dispass.el 1.1.2 was just released, it is only a minor update compared
to 1.1.1, which was never really released, but this version of
dispass.el attaches itself firmly to DisPass v0.2.0.

It can be downloaded from:, or through

From the NEWS:

  - Change the description to emphasize the idea that ~dispass.el~ is
    only a wrapper around DisPass.

  - Simplify ~dispass-add-label~ and ~dispass-remove-label~ by deferring
    their functionality to the ~dispass-label~ executable.

  - Fix some style warnings for various docstrings.

Rejoice, go out and be merry, we have finally done it!

PS: Werkt deze ML nu al? :)