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Rethinking support and the mailing list

Rethinking support and the mailing list

Jc Brand
2015-10-10 @ 09:24
Dear good people still subscribed to this mailing list.

My original intention in creating this mailing list was to provide a space
where people could discuss converse.js and help one another with setup 

I wanted to keep the github issue tracker free from "how do I do X?" kinds
of questions, in order to keep it more relevant and maintainable. 

I was hoping, perhaps naively, that over time there would be support and 
discussions here without expecting or requiring my constant involvement. 

However, I still answer about 90% of all emails and when people start off 
directly addressing their emails to me, then it just kills that idea in 
the bud. 

That said, I'm always grateful and happy when I see other people stepping 
up and answering questions. Thanks to those of you who've done that. 

Generally speaking, I'm happy to help, and I'd like people to have success
with converse.js. However, I cannot answer all the emails all the time, 
and I don't get the sense that there is yet a distributed community of 
people helping out one another. 

So, my question to you peeps. How could we bring about more broad-based 
community support for converse.js? Is a mailing list too old-school? Is 
there anything I can do to foster more community and more interaction 
between converse.js users? Any other hints or suggestions? 

BTW, for those of you not aware yet. There is an XMPP chat room where I 
and a few others usually hang out. It might in certain cases be the best 
place to ask a quick question and get a quick answer. 

The room is 

All the best 

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