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Fwd: About chat window in multiple pages

Fwd: About chat window in multiple pages

Juan Chavat
2014-09-19 @ 13:53
Hi everyone!

I'm Juan Pablo from Uruguay, I'm trying to develop something with
I would like to ask you about implementation in multiple pages where each
one have a chat window from the same JID.
I read some comments from JC Brand here
<> where he suggest not
using the same
SID for every connection, so I went in this way and I established a new
connection for every new window. Now the problem, since I use the chat
window to send something I receive the next messages just in the last
window I used and not in the others, is there something to fix that?
am I doing something wrong? My bosh server implementation is punjab, is
something with that?
The strage is that before sending the first message, I receive in all the
windows chat.

Thanks in advance for your time!!

Cheers from South America,
Juan Pablo