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Re: Norwegian translation of Converse

Re: Norwegian translation of Converse

Jc Brand
2014-12-20 @ 10:15
On Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 03:15:04AM +0100, Andreas Lorentsen wrote:
> Hello,
> I´m trying to set up Converse 0.8.6 on my server, no luck so far. 
Basically I want to use this on a website with 2-4 jabber accounts that´s 
already registered at

Are those accounts different from normal Gmail accounts?

I can log in fine with a Gmail account.
> Can Converse do that, without a seperate "middleman" client? The 
accounts are working in Trillian and Psi, so there is definately something
going on with my bosh config, since just hangs on "connecting". 

You can try using as your bosh_service_url,
to see if the problem goes away.

> Anyhow, I´ve translated Converse to Norwegian, 100%. I´ve previously 
worked as al translator for various wordpress plugin developers, Wordpress
Core, (the HW/perhiperals manufacturer) ,and I can assure you
the translation is OK. Do what you want with it :)

Thanks! I'll include it in the next release.