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Our new BrowserQuest instance on OpenShift

Our new BrowserQuest instance on OpenShift

Justin Clift
2013-06-30 @ 04:00
Hi all,

Just started up a BQ instance on OpenShift here:

Feel free/encouraged to try it out, and report any bugs you see.

It's uses the code in our master repo, which works "as is"
both in OpenShift and not in OpenShift.  Thanks Aaron! :D

Initial load and login time with this instance seems a bit slow
(~20 seconds).  Probably because we're using unoptimised js &
html at the moment, plus the "free" tier of OpenShift. :)

Once you're logged in though, everything seems to be fine.

If this instance shows it can stay up and running fine for at
least a few days at a time without falling over (due to bugs
and memory leaks and stuff), we should probably add this URL
to the in the repo for public consumption.

Alternative ideas welcome too of course. :)

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

Open Source and Standards @ Red Hat