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client ←→ server message exchange

client ←→ server message exchange

Mathieu Loiseau
2013-02-12 @ 17:19
Hi people,
many of you probably know very well how it works, but needing to have 
the client and the server exchange to create a new feature I've written 
a wiki article on how messages are set up and called in browserquest (it 
used to say "/Communication between the client and server happens via 
gameclient.js (client side) which talks to gameserver.js (server side) 
using the messages and entity types defined in shared/gametypes.js./" 
now it's a bit more thorough). This might come handy for those who are 
starting to look into the code, hence my mentioning it.

If someone who knows how that works wants to complete/correct what's 
been written, that's always best to have accurate documentation.

Mathieu Loiseau (LIRIS – équipe SILEX)
Bâtiment Blaise Pascal — INSA de Lyon
20, av. Albert Einstein
69100 Villeurbanne