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WebStorm IDE <-- decent built in Node debugging

WebStorm IDE <-- decent built in Node debugging

Justin Clift
2012-10-07 @ 18:04
Hi everyone,

Finally got completely sick and tired of having unexpected things
break, from what seemed to be simple stuff.

So, went looking for a _real_ debugger.  None of this one-by-one
debug statements crap.

After way too much reading and trying various projects out, came
across WebStorm IDE (

It does Node.js debugging.  That works. (decently well)

It's _not_ fantastic.  But, it's not bad and is a million times
better than using manual print statements.

Downside -> commercial product.  Not open source.  Not free. :(

However, they _do_ give free licenses to open source projects,
so it's probably ok for now. :)

If anyone else is interested in it, I'll try and get us a proper
license from them?  (note -> suggestions on better Node.js
debuggers welcome too)

+ Justin

Aeolus Community Manager