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Fwd: Blohg question

Fwd: Blohg question

Rafael Martins
2011-08-10 @ 03:01
Looks like hates CC. Forwarding...

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From: Rafael Martins <>
Date: Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 5:58 PM
Subject: Re: Blohg question
To: Ali Kefia <>

Hi Ali,

(CC'ing mailing list, your question may be useful for other users)

On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 10:16 AM, Ali Kefia <> wrote:
> Dear Rafael,
> I am a new user of Blohg and I have a little question about.
> Is the use of mercurial just for communication and version control ? Is it
> possible to deploy one specific version of the repository ? My target is to
> avoid making "check out" on the target (on hoster server) after making a
> push.

I didn't understood what you want.

If you want to just deploy a branch, or a specific tag, it isn't
possible for now. blohg uses the 'tip' revision. This may be
implemented in the future.

If you are "developing" your blog on a public server, like bitbucket,
and want to keep this repository in sync with your server, that
actually runs your blog, you may want to setup a cronjob that pulls
the changes from your bitbucket repository to a local copy. Please
notice that you don't need to run 'hg update' on your server's repo.
blohg uses the mercurial API to get the history of the repository.

I'm planning a feature to make it easy to people to "develop" their
blogs from bitbucket, using the POST service of bitbucket to warn the
blohg installation about a newer version of the content, and making it
fetch the posts automatically from bitbucket.

I hope I answered what you want. If not, please ask again :)

> Thx in advance for help et thank you very mush for avoiding me WYSIWYG...

You're welcome!


Rafael Goncalves Martins

Rafael Goncalves Martins