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Omar Qureshi
2009-12-09 @ 21:41
Hi all

Firstly, welcome to the group.

Just wondering whether it would be worth having a quick introduction to the
group as to who you are, what it is that you do with Ruby and what it is
that you would like to achieve out of the group as a whole.

It's only fair that I go first just so that I wont have to do this later.

My name is Omar Qureshi, a 20 something Rails developer from Birmingham who
works for the lovely web team at Scholastic UK in Southam. Personally, what
I'd like to get out of the group is the chance to work on some interesting
open source projects that people may have in mind and indeed find out what
other people in the Birmingham area do with Ruby and what nifty tricks they
may have with Ruby and/or Rails generally.


2009-12-15 @ 10:41

I'm Stephen Boisvert, a Canadian expat born in Montreal, grew up in
Mississauga (next to Toronto), lived all over Ontario (Guelph, London,
Ottawa) and am now living in King's Heath (after getting evicted from
two flats in Harborne). I'm in England because my wife if a social
cognition lecturer @ U of B.   I am a jack of many trades master of
none but I am making a push to become a Rails expert.

I've been to one LRUG meeting, Rails Exchange (Rail sexchange! they
didn't think that URL through), Ruby Manor and was at Railscamp in
Margate this year.

I blog sporadically at, I post photos at, I twit at and am on facebook at and am in all kinds of other places
as srboisvert.

I love Belgian beer and cooking my own meals, I raise succulent plants
and cycle a lot but not seriously.   I am also constantly
entertained/amazed by how proudly peculiar British people are.

My favourite Ruby thing is probably active record.