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[ANN] Bento v0.0.8.1

[ANN] Bento v0.0.8.1

David Cournapeau
2012-04-02 @ 13:53

    I am pleased to announce a new release of bento, a packaging solution
for python which aims at reproducibility, extensibility and simplicity.

The main features of this release are:

    - Path sections can now use conditionals
    - More reliable convert command to migrate
distutils/setuptools/distribute/distutils2 to bento
    - Single-file distribution can now include waf itself
    - Nose is not necessary to run the test suite anymore
    - Significant improvements to the distutils compatibility layer
    - LibraryDir support for backward compatibility with distutils packages
relying on the package_dir feature

Bento source code can be found on github:
Bento documentation is there as well: