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[ANN] Bento 0.0.6, a packaging solution for python software

[ANN] Bento 0.0.6, a packaging solution for python software

David Cournapeau
2011-07-15 @ 13:08

    I am pleased to announce a new release of bento, a packaging solution for
python which aims at reproducibility, extensibility and simplicity. It supports
every python version from 2.4 to 3.2. You can take a look at its main features
on Bento's main page ( The main features of
this 0.0.6 release are:

    - Completely revamped distutils compatibility layer: it is now a thin layer
      around bento infrastructure, so that most bento packages should be
      pip-installable, while still keeping bento customization capabilities.
    - Build directory is now customizable through bentomaker with
      --build-directory option
    - Out of tree builds support (i.e. running bento in a directory which does
      not contain, with global --bento-info option
    - Hook File can now be specified in recursed
    - Preliminary support for .mpkg (Mac OS X native packaging)
    - More consistent API for extension/compiled library build registration
    - Both numpy and scipy can now be built with bento + waf as a build backend

Bento is discussed on the bento mailing list