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[ANN] Bento 0.0.5, a packaging solution for python software

[ANN] Bento 0.0.5, a packaging solution for python software

David Cournapeau
2011-03-08 @ 14:07

    I am pleased to announce a new release of bento, a packaging
solution for
python which aims at reproducibility, extensibility and simplicity. You can
take a look at its main features on bento's main documentation page
( The main features of this 0.0.5

    - All python versions from 2.4 up to 3.1 now pass the test suite
(3.2 will
      follow once a distribute issue with 3.2 is fixed)
    - If run under a virtual environment (virtualenv), bento will
install the
      package inside the virtualenvironment by default
    - Internal changes to enable easier change of build tool (an
      example for simple extensions is available for waf 1.6.x)
    - Added experimental distutils compatibility layer so that one can
write a which will pick up all information from
This enables
      projects using bento to be able to use tools such as pip.

Bento now has its own mailing list: If you are
curious about
bento, I will present it at pycon 2011 as a poster.