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0.0.7 RC1

0.0.7 RC1

David Cournapeau
2011-10-24 @ 13:46
Hi there,

From now on, I will try to make at least one release candidate before
releasing a new release proper. The rc1 is available on github (tag

 This 0.0.7 release brings the following features:

    - New fields:
        - 'DescriptionFromFile': pointer to a file to read description from.
        - 'Keywords' metadata field
        - 'MetaTemplateFile': pointer to template files to be filled with bento
    - Support for DESTDIR-like feature to ease downstream packaging
    - Comment support in
    - Sdist now has a format option, and supports zip archive as well
    - Builders in waf context now support arbitrary customization
    - python 2 and 3 are supported from the same codebase (i.e. no
need for 2to3),  to avoid
      bootstrapping issues.