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2010-12-06->2010-12-15 development priorities

2010-12-06->2010-12-15 development priorities

Sébastien Santoro
2010-12-06 @ 05:15

I'm currently building a new Azhàr site for Wolfplex (1).

That allows me to evaluate needed priorities:
- squeeze the last faeries hardcoded mentions (including delete
login.php (should be an optionnal component) and cpg14x/cpg15x calls
in profiles (not everybody want Coppermine integration))
- fix minor issues like PHP notices to gain PHP strict compliance
(what I'm doing)
- create an installer

If someone wish to prepare the installer, I'll be happy to delegate this task.

SQL schema is still missing from current repository, I'll upload it
this morning.

(1) Wolfplex is a project to create an alternative cultural center at
Charleroi, 50 km south from Brussels.
It will host an hackerspace.

Sébastien Santoro aka Dereckson