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Estimate opportunities

Estimate opportunities

Donny Goff
2014-09-02 @ 14:43
1) I've been asked to provide an estimate for installing 2 roofing vents 
at my chiropractor's place.  I've estimated it at 2 people, 4 hours 
each, plus about $80 in materials.  With 30% overhead, that's just over 

I am wondering if anyone (maybe Andy?) would be willing to sign on with 
me to learn how to do this and brave our first roof vent installation.  
I've read instructions for it, and it doesn't seem impossible.  Merely 

2) I've got a friend who has a rental house, wants a 
recommendation/estimate on efficiency work.  The house is in Plfuger.  
Will keep you posted.

We may need someone soon, dedicated to tracking these.  Sales work, I