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Minutes: 8/25/2014

Minutes: 8/25/2014

Donny Goff
2014-08-26 @ 13:36
Individual Reports
Clayton: City Rebate Program
Homeowner: City rebate: Insulation: sqFt * 0.0035 x R-value-added + $45 fee
Q: Is that a fee we pay, or get rebated?
Radiant barrier: sqFt * $0.10 of accessible attic space
GEE is not on the City's list
Must perform an energy audit
Cannot subcontract
(some clarification necessary)

Donny: Gave estimate to Travis.  Around $1100,  sent spreadsheet 
around.  Travis may be interested but has other fish to fry.
Action: Follow up with Dr. Powers about ventilation and possibly using 
his data.

Ryan: Insulation blowers.  $3500-$8000
talked to Brian Donovan.  Curious about Contracting coop: "Earthbound 
Builders".  Natural building products; hay building walls, etc.
Might want to informally hang out with them and find out what we can.
$2500 for the Cooperation Texas class (split among how ever many people 
we send).  50 hours worth of material.

Action Item: talk to Earthbound Builders.  Hannah will backstop Ryan on 

Nolan: we have Temporary solution.
Task tracking is highly geared towards software development.  We can try 
to fit in that model, but no.
Let's just do a spreadsheet for now.
We could use  Basic website, project tracking, client signups 
and estimates, payment processing, etc.  Scalable for all of these.  
We'd need to get a name and a website.  We could use the La Re server; 
as long as it's not being used as a profit making entity.  I could do 
that this week.

Action item: put an agenda item asking the coop to borrow space on the 

Can we translate monetary expenditures into labor equity?  Ryan: want to 
keep money and equity separate.  Nolan: sounds good.

Motion: Monetary equity will be tracked separately.  Passes.
Motion: The coop will approve equity obligations members wish to 
provide.  Passes.

Clayton: Like the idea of helping people track their consumption.
Nolan: Weather Underground.
Donny:  Already in CSV format.
Nolan: I can work with that and get it into a database.
Andy: Nest thermostat as a possibility?
Nolan: We can reward people for providing their data to us.  We could 
provide a realtime ticker of energy saved, etc.
Clayton: The coop thing can differentiate us along with the idea of the 


Action: Everyone: Test out the spreadsheet Ryan sent out.

Nolan: "the 28 questions..." Can we move forward from that? Answering 
one of those questions can cascade into answering other ones.  Us 
needing to be contractors forces a certain structure on us.

Action: Everyone: Research your questions and have discussion material 
ready for the next meeting.
1,7,13,19,25... - Donny
2,8,14,20,26 - Hannah
3,9,15,21,27 - Clayton
4,10,16,22,28 - Ryan
5,11,17,23 - Nolan
6,12,18,24 - Andy

The above numbers may be wrong - apologies if I didn't figure that out 
right.  I think that's how we divided it up though.

Clayton: Considering my relationship with GEE and this.  Is there a 
conflict of interest?
Action: Clayton to determine if GEE would really want the small jobs 
they seem to pass up.