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Thoughts on task tracking

Thoughts on task tracking

Nolan Darilek
2014-08-22 @ 15:21

Spent about half an hour last night looking into task tracking. There 
are a million options, and the things I'm familiar with are more 
software project-oriented (I.e.

When we go professional, or even after we've got a name and a bit of an 
IT budget, I have my eyes on for just about everything 
we'll possibly need on the backend. Starts with a simple website/blog 
builder and can add on everything from task-tracking to payment 
processing. It's also been recommended by other tech co-ops as something 
they set up for non-tech co-ops. But that's going to require an IT 
budget ($10-$20/month) and a domain name to host it on (figure another 
$10). Really we should spring for an SSL certificate too, which is $10 
if we only want to cover or $70 or 
so if we want everything under

So I suggest one of:

1. Just use a spreadsheet for tasks--Complete, Description, Assigned to, 
Comments. We put a * in the complete column when done.

2. I can probably launch Odoo on with no impact to us. 
I don't know if there are legal issues with a non-profit company 
spending less than $10/month to host something that we'll definitely 
migrate onto our own infrastructure once we have a budget. I doubt 
anyone will notice, but wanted to float it in case I'm missing 
something. We're using so little of our current server that I doubt we'd 
even notice the extra app.