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Warning in #64

Warning in #64

Gustavo Rodrigues
2015-04-02 @ 18:23
The warning is caused by the class AfferentConnections trying to access the
module of a member in the model class that doesn't exist. The class model
permits to add a call but the caller and the callee do not need necessarily
to be a member. The AfferentConnections counts how many modules call the
module analyzed so it needs to know the module of the callees in order to
know if callee's module is the same of the module analized. A solution
could be use a verification if the callee's module is undef. We want to
know if this solution affect the calculation of the AfferentConnection
metric. This warning has got when we running the analizo in the linux


Gustavo Coelho
T├ęcnico em Desenvolvimento de Software
Graduando em Engenharia de Software