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Broken dependency ZMQ::LibZMQ2

Broken dependency ZMQ::LibZMQ2

Alexandre Almeida Barbosa
2014-03-17 @ 19:25
The Analizo installation requires the ZMQ::LibZMQ2 package, however it's
not available in debian unstable (where Analizo is running).
Without this, we can't run development-setup and generate debian package

What can we do to solve this problem?
Some alternatives that we are thinking:
- Pack LibZMQ2 (the source code is available in CPAN);
- Try to remove this dependence of Analizo.


Alexandre Almeida Barbosa

Re: [analizo] Broken dependency ZMQ::LibZMQ2

Antonio Terceiro
2014-03-17 @ 20:22
this is weird, since Analizo was ported over to ZMQ::LibZMQ2 because the
original ZMQ binding, ZeroMQ, was declared as deprecated, and now
ZMQ::LibZMQ2 was removed and libzeromq-perl is still there.

The Debian maintainers requested ZMQ::LibZMQ2 to be removed frmo Debian
because the it was not maintained upstream:

maybe the fix for this is to revert commit
7f7ab17643ab56b9e9af3f93836481fa51dfaaab and go back to using ZeroMQ

I won't be doing this myself, but feel free to try.