Librelist News

2009-12-12 : A Few Updates To Librelist

I’ve started working the ticket queue and managed to get out a few little annoying things that people wanted or that were missing. I’m still going to be doing deploys today in my attempt to get things cleaned up further, but so far I’ve done the following:

=== 2009-12-13 ===
01:47:47 [3356e9d42c] *CURRENT* Stop altering the email addresses in the
         archives. (user: zedshaw tags: trunk)
01:40:30 [d7211e427a] The mailing list name is now added to the subject if not
         there already. (user: zedshaw tags: trunk)
01:29:33 [39d5ddc37b] New site layout done and pushed. (user: zedshaw tags:
=== 2009-12-12 ===
23:36:37 [cc081005a1] Added the librelist website code. (user: zedshaw tags:
=== 2009-12-01 ===
04:34:15 [0b6a443b36] Initial commit after moving from lamson project. (user:
         zedshaw tags: trunk)
04:32:14 [37f03800c8] initial empty check-in (user: zedshaw tags: trunk)


2009-07-19 : Librelist Is Now Fully Functional

Alright, I managed to get all of the basic features going for early.

  • Bounce detection is working great, but still needs more real world beatings.
  • When you subscribe, if the list doesn’t exist, it sends you some possible similar existing ones, just in case you spelled it wrong.
  • There’s now web archives (very basic) at /browser/ that you can browse.
  • You can get the archives via rsync too, but don’t be a jerkwad about this. Find a path you want and then do rsync -azv and you’ll get a maildir.
  • Emails in the archive are stripped of most useless headers and the sender’s name is cleaned up a bit. It’s not fool-proof, but then again you are sending your address on the internets to a public list, so I hope you are wearing protection.


2009-07-17 : Site Launched is the third Lamson Project sample created to show off what Lamson can do. It is a fully functioning mailing list system with advanced spam blocking and bounce handling.

If you want to play with it, send an email to and you’ll be able to test it out with a bunch of other folks.